Practical Information

The conference will take place at the Vancouver Convention Center.


We strongly recommend booking your accommodation through the AAA-CASCA block booking system. Hotel and accommodation information will be available in Summer 2019.

CASCA Events

Regular CASCA events such as the Weaver-Tremblay Address, the CASCA Banquet and the Women’s Network Lunch will be scheduled. Information will be available soon.

Visa Preparation

To request a formal letter of invitation for your visa application, visit the AAA’s web page on visa preparation.


The AAA has a strong accessibility policy and can make arrangements for sign-language interpreters, sighted guides, and other disability-related access needs and services for meeting registrants. They cannot anticipate all needs, as everyone is different; therefore, they rely on direct communication with those who require accessibility assistance to be as appropriate and as efficient as possible. To find out more and request assistance, visit the AAA’s web page on accessibility and inclusion.

The Society for Medical Anthropology’s Disability Research Interest Group has prepared a set of guidelines for creating accessible presentations. Read the full set of guidelines here.

CASCA Student Travel Grants

Information is available here (deadline April 15).

Conference Fee Waivers

The number of waivers that CASCA is able to allocate has now been reached. Thank you for taking us up on this offer!

A limited number of conference fee waivers are available to (i) academics, researchers, and research collaborators from under-resourced countries in the global south; (ii) Indigenous researchers who are not currently employed in a post-secondary educational institution or Government agency in Canada, the United States, or Europe; and (iii) Indigenous research collaborators working in partnership with one or more anthropologists in Canada. CASCA members may apply for a conference fee waiver for eligible people by sending a brief request to the CASCA Executive (via Karli Whitmore, that explains how they meet the eligibility criteria. The deadline to apply for a conference fee waiver is March 25, 2019. (No extensions are possible.)

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